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First & foremost we are both mama’s to our little boys Henry. Yes they are both called Henry. Born one year & one day apart, cute right! We started our own separate businesses after the boys were born. Neither of us wanted to go back to our old jobs in the city, working 9-5 & not seeing the boys as much as we would like.

For Abi The White Thistle started out as an online shop. With a lot of hard work Abi’s Instagram account grew at a rapid rate & became extremely successful. Abi collated all of her knowledge & tips she learnt working on social media & The Media Girl creative was born. Abi now teaches others how to use Instagram & grow their account authentically & organically.

Fran started filming as a hobby, uploading videos online of her days out with the family. Which quickly led to business enquiries. Fast forward to 2019, Fran works with many different brands as a Videographer. Creating visual content for social media marketing, websites & subscription services.

From our own experience we understand the highs & lows of running your own business. And how little accessible support there is out there for us business owners. We wanted to create a hub, a community of women who truly get it. Who will celebrate your wins & support you when it’s not quite going to plan. Our meets have been so successful & the feedback has been inspiring.

Fran & Abi x